Personal Information

Name: JihongYuan

Date ofBirth: October 20, 1977

Mobile: 15302245830

Email Address:  yjh7890@163.com;yuanjihong@gdufe.edu.cn

MailingAddress:Room 502, Building 7THSouth China Normal University,Shipai Street, Guangzou, GuangdongProvince, China,510631


Academic Background

Ph. D.  Philosophy of Science, SunYant-sen University,Guangzhou, China, 2006

M. A.  Philosophy of Science, SouthChina NormalUniversity, Guangzhou, China,2003

B. A.  Mathematics, Changchun Normal University,Changchun, China, 2000


Working Experience

11/2015-present Professor, School of Marxism, Guangdong University ofFinance and Economics , Guangzhou, China

12/2009-10/2015   AssociateProfessor, School of Marxism, Guangdong University ofFinance and Economics , Guangzhou, China

07/2006-11/2009  Instructor, School of Politicsand Education, Guangdong University of Finance andEconomics, Guangzhou, China

Research Interests


    Philosophy of Social Science

    Philosophy of Cognitive Science

Mainly Achievements in the Past Several Years

l       Publications

Social ChoiceParadox and Group Rationality, Academic Research, No.8, 2015.

On IBE’sCompatible with Bayesian Inference -- based on the Critical Analysis on vanFraassen’s Argument, Journal ofDialectics of Nature, No.4, 2015.

   Critiques and Improvements on Methodology ofIdeal Type from Contemporary Philosophy of Social Science, Studies InPhilosophy of Science and Technology, No.2, 2015.

    Is Inference to the Best Explanation anIndependent Form of Inference? -- On the Relations among IBE, BayesianInference and Decision-making Inference, Studies in Dialectics of Nature, No.1,2015. first author

  Two-Dimensional Analysis for the Debatesbetween Methodological Individualism and Methodological Holism, Studies inDialectics of Nature, No.7, 2014.

    Bayesian Analysis on Abduction, Journalof Chongqing University of Technology( SocialScience), No.9, 2014. first author

    What Is the Relation Between Philosophy ofScience and the Indigenization of Social Sciences?, Studies In Philosophy of Science andTechnology,No.6, 2013.

    Can Decision Theory be the Unified Theoryof Rationality in Action Explanation?, Philosophical Analysis, No.3,2012.

    Inquires on Explanation of Social Science, Ph.D. Dissertation,published by ChinaSocial Science Press, June 2009.

l       Projects

2019-2024 Study on Explanation of Computational Social Science,  sponsored by National Social Science Fund Project(Grant No.19BZX033)

2018-2022 Naturalized Social Norms,  sponsored by Philosophy and Social Science Foundation of Ministry of Education of China (Grant No.18YJA720017)

2015-2018  Special Foundation forYoung Outstanding Scholarship on Theory Propaganda of Guangdong Province, China

2013-2016  Inquires into the Relationship betweenScientific Explanation and Understanding from the perspective of Philosophy ofSocial Science, a research project sponsored by Philosophy and Social ScienceFoundation of Ministry of Education of China (Grant No.: 13YJC720044)

2011-2013  On Rationality ofAction -- from the Prospective of Economics and Philosophy, Special Foundationfor Young Scientists of Guangdong Province, China(Grant No.: WYM11065y

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