Academic Profile

Professor @ Sun Yat-sen Universtiy

Ph.D. Supervisor

Director, Department of Scientific Computing and Computer Applications.

Secretary-general, Guangdong Society of Industrial and Applied Mathematics

Member, Computer Vision Committee of Chinese Computer Society

Member, Pattern Recognition Committee of Chinese Artificial Intelligence Society

Member, Machine Vision Committee of China Society of Image and Graphics

Member, Big data and Artificial Intelligence Committee of CSIAM

Research directions

Pattern Recognition, Computer Vision, Machine Learning

(Image processing and recognition, Complex data and relevance analysis, etc.)

Introductory Courses

(1) L. Wasserman, All of statistics, Springer, 2004

(2) T. Hastie, R. Tibishirani, J. Friedman, The elements of statistical learning, Springer, 2008

(3) G. Casella and R. L. Berger, Statistical Inference, 2nd ed, Brooks/Cole, 2002. 

(4) Kevin P·Murphy, Machine Learning: A Probabilistic Perspective, MIT Press, 2012. 

(5) J. Nocedal, S.J. Wright, Numerical Optimization, Springer, 1999

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