Gu Shengyu, a committed academic and honorary professor, boasts an impressive educational background with degrees in various disciplines from prestigious universities. He has a Bachelor's in Social Work from Yunnan University, a Master's in Social Policy from Bangor University in the UK, and a Ph.D. in Tourism Management from Taiwan's Kaohsiung University of Hospitality and Tourism. In addition, he holds an honorary professorship in Tourism Management from a Californian institution.

Since 2020, Gu has been a pivotal faculty member at Huizhou University, teaching various courses in tourism and conducting significant research. His stint as Assistant General Manager at Huidong County's Tourism Development Group showcases his practical industry expertise.

Gu's teaching portfolio is extensive, covering subjects like Tourism E-commerce, Consumer Behavior, and Tourism Culture. He's an acclaimed mentor, leading students to numerous awards in national and provincial competitions and spearheading innovative projects.

His scholarly contributions are substantial, with over 50 published papers in renowned journals and several books. He's also an inventor with patented innovations. Gu's leadership extends to managing several research projects, and he's recognized as a top advisor in national university competitions and a contributor to academic forums on cultural inheritance.

Gu Shengyu is a shining example of academic excellence and practical application in the field of tourism and business.

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