GECCO 2024 Workshop “Embodied and Evolved Artificial Intelligence” 征文
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Important dates:

  • Submission opening: February 12, 2024
  • Submission deadline: April 8, 2024
  • Notification: May 3, 2024


Our GECCO 2024 Workshop on Embodied and Evolved Artificial Intelligence (EEAI) (Link) will bring together a diverse group of academics from various fields such as AI, evolutionary computation, robotics, engineering. This workshop will be open and welcome to researchers from the EC community and robotics community.

Embodied artificial intelligence is a cutting-edge field at the intersection of AI, robotics, and bioengineering, focuses on integrating artificial systems with intelligence for rich environmental interactions. It’s driven by the philosophy of embodied cognition, asserting that true intelligence is linked with physical and social embodiment.

This workshop aims to elucidate how the notion of embodiment as a design paradigm aligns with and enriches the entire domain of evolutionary computation. We are interested in several factors contributing to the embodied artificial intelligence, which include but not limited to the following:

  • Integration of evolutionary approaches with traditional design techniques.
  • Bio-inspired Soft Robot Evolution.
  • Embodied and mechanical intelligence in soft robots.
  • Real-world embodied AI through bio-inspired mechanisms.

A diverse group of invited speakers and panelists will delve into fundamental issues and emerging challenges in the field. The workshop will also feature an innovative show and tell demo session, designed to be fully interactive. Participants, including researchers, are encouraged to integrate their thematic demonstrations with those from the CSIRO Soft Robotics lab, fostering a collaborative and hands-on experience.

Contributed Papers will be presented in spotlight talks and during one poster sessions. We will seek submissions describing novel ideas and/or preliminary results, but also related works concerning EEAI that have been peer-reviewed and accepted by other top-tier journals and/or conferences. The latter allows workshop participants to learn about recent works that have been published in the field.

Following the GECCO 2024 workshop on Embodied and Envolved Artificial Intelligence, we are plan to propose a Special Issue on EEAI in a relevant journal. This special issue aims to preserve and share the outcomes of the workshop, including extended versions of the contributed papers, ensuring the workshop’s impact extends beyond the event itself.


Call for Papers

The workshop on Embodied and Evolved Artificial Intelligence (EEAI) aims to gather academics from a wide range of disciplines and backgrounds and to drive discussion around the interactions between evolutionary computation and embodied cognition, using soft robotics as a touchpoint. We focus on enhancing the research that fully explores the potential of embodied artificial intelligence as a problem-solving tool and philosophy.

We invite submissions on innovative approaches in embodied AI, integration of sensing and mechanics in robotics, automatic designing of morphology and control system of robotics, and the application of evolutionary algorithms in evolving systems. We encourage papers that address both technical advancements and theoretical insights in these areas.

Novel contributions will be presented at the GECCO 2024 Workshop and included in the GECCO Conference Companion Proceedings. In addition, we invite previously published papers that spanning a broad range of topics for our poster session, designed to engage both technical and non-technical audiences.


Please, use the link below to submit your novel paper to GECCO 2024, you can find paper submission instructions in this website too. We look forward to your contributions.

All accepted papers will be presented in a spotlight talk as well as a poster. Additionally, all accepted contributions will be also invited to submit an extended version to our planned Special Issue on EEAI (more details TBA).

Our international Programme Committee will review all submissions.

If you’re interested in participating in the poster session, please submit your previously published paper using the above link. Additionally, include a cover letter in the Supplementary Material section to explain the context of your submission. This will help in understanding the relevance and contribution of your work to the workshop.


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