Special Issue on Open Problems and Solutions: Rigidity and Distance Geometry Submission Date: 2021-10-01 Geometric constraint systems are polynomial systems that underlie discrete structures arising in diverse pure and applied mathematical areas. The distance geometry problem and graph rigidity theory are fundamental examples where there is rich interplay between combinatorics, geometry, matrix analysis and semidefinite programming. This special issue will showcase the latest applied and theoretical advances in the fields of rigidity theory and distance geometry.

All interested researchers are invited to contribute to this special issue. The topics should relate to the themes of the Fields Institute Thematic Program on Geometric Constraint Systems, Framework Rigidity, and Distance Geometry, January 1–June 30, 2021, and in particular: the workshop on progress and open problems in rigidity theory; the workshop on distance geometry, semidefinite programming and applications; and the minisymposium on sensor network localization and dynamical distance geometry. Submissions of contributions not presented at the thematic program but in the general areas of rigidity theory or distance geometry are also very welcome. Contributions arising from papers given at a conference should be substantially extended and should cite the conference paper where appropriate.

All articles will be thoroughly refereed according to the high standards of Discrete Applied Mathematics.

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