Special Issue on Industrial Internet of Things-driven synchronization of production processes and sharing of resources for smart manufacturing Submission Date: 2021-09-30 Nowadays, industrial enterprises are changing their business models to meet the ever rising personalized product demands with smart manufacturing capabilities [1]. By leveraging the power of advanced information technologies, the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is about connecting all the industrial assets, including machines and control systems, with the information systems and business processes [2]. The rapid development of IIoT has brought up many novel paradigms/applications, such as cloud-based manufacturing [3], cyber physical production system [4,5], big data analytics for system design [6], digital twin-enabled product development [7], and smart product-service system [8].

Although IIoT has been preliminarily adopted in industry, its potentials for smart manufacturing implementations should be further investigated. Firstly, the smart manufacturing strategy puts forward high requirements for the dynamic interaction and collaboration of multiple production processes. Nevertheless, different production processes (e.g. production scheduling and logistics) are often investigated separately, which can then influence the result of real-time and smart decision making. How to use the IIoT to achieve the synchronization of production processes can be an essential issue. Meanwhile, industrial enterprises are suffering from a huge survival crisis due to the dynamic and changeable global manufacturing environment, such as the outbreak of pandemic and diverse global economic competition. Therefore, how to take advantages of IIoT to promote the resource sharing and improve the sustainability of industrial enterprises should be further studied. In addition, the servitization of resources and production processes has inevitably been a prevailing tendency since the manufacturing demands become ever increasingly personalized. Hence, to improve customers’ satisfaction, the novel service model of multiple resources and production processes should be considered in a sustainable manner. To address these issues, this special issue aims to present the state-of-the-art IIoT-driven methods, tools, systems, and cases to promote the synchronization of production processes and sharing of resources for smart manufacturing.

The topics of the special issue include, but are not limited to the following ones:

· Novel models/methodologies for IIoT-driven production synchronization

· Service discovery and allocation of shared manufacturing resources

· IIoT-enabled service management tools/systems

· Production planning and scheduling in smart manufacturing

· IIoT-driven reliability analysis of manufacturing resource management system

· Knowledge-based methods for smart manufacturing

· Human-cyber-physical system for smart manufacturing

· Resource synchronization and sharing for supply chain management

· Implementation and case studies of IIoT-driven production synchronization and resource sharing

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