CFP: 6th International Workshop on Emerging Computing Paradigms and Context in BPM
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我们在国际服务计算领域盛会IEEE SERVICES上组织了 6th International Workshop on Emerging Computing Paradigms and Context in Business Process Management (CCBPM 2021), 请大家赐稿!


BPM has been referred to as a “holistic management” approach to aligning an organization’s business processes with the needs of users. It promotes business effectiveness and efficiency while striving for innovation, flexibility, and integration with technology. However, the challenge for a large use of business process is the failure in addressing both the dynamic execution environment (e.g., Cloud and Fog) and the elastic requirement of users (i.e., logic of use). Two lines of research emerge to address this problem. Upstream, researchers try to make explicit the contextualization process in designing flexible and elastic business process for process optimization and reuse. Downstream, emerging computing paradigms such as Mobile-Cloud and Fog computing could bring a promising orchestration of business process but suppose a revision of BPM architecture.

This workshop aims to promote the role of emerging computing paradigms and Context in business process management (BPM) by discussing (1) what the distributed computing and context community can bring to BPM community; and (2) what are the challenges of BPM and workflow system that BPM community think these emerging computing paradigms and context may solve. We are looking for extension of business processes and workflows like Fog/context-based BPM and workflow, and if possible, contextualized Fog BPM and workflow systems.

The intended audience will primarily be the researchers and practitioners who are interested in applying emerging computing paradigms such as Edge and Fog Computing, and context techniques to the management of business processes and scientific workflow applications. Recognizing the interdisciplinary nature of BPM, the workshop also encourages submissions that embrace other disciplines such as Workflow Management, Information Systems and IT Management, Data and Knowledge Management, Web/Software Engineering, Service-Oriented Computing, Social Computing, Big Data and so on. The key criteria for acceptance are excellence and answering challenges specific to the field of BPM and especially in the emerging computing paradigms.

The workshop solicits original papers on a broad range of topics, including but not limited to:

Emerging Computing Paradigms and Context-based BPM/workflow: concepts and theory, e.g.:

  • Context-centric flexibility, adaptability and evolution in BPM
  • Fog/Edge/Mobile-Cloud based BPM and Workflow as a Service
  • Knowledge and reasoning representation for business process
  • Security, privacy and trust in Fog/Edge/Mobile-Cloud/Context-based BPM
  • Other socio-technical aspects of BPM/workflow in the Fog/Edge/Mobile-Cloud

Context-aware business process/workflow, e.g.:

  • Context for Mobile and Ubiquitous applications
  • Context-aware BPM for Authentication, Authorization and Accounting
  • Context-aware recommendation process
  • Context for dynamic selection of web services

Emerging Computing Paradigms and Context-based workflows and applications, e.g.:

  • Business and scientific workflows in the Fog/Edge/Mobile-Cloud
  • Decision support systems for Fog/Edge/Mobile-Cloud based BPM
  • People-/knowledge-intensive process
  • Crowdsourcing and process based on social networks

Emerging Computing Paradigms and Context based workflow design, execution and scheduling, e.g.:

  • Context and Quality-of-Service constraints for workflow design
  • Workflow verification and generation with context and QoS constraints
  • Load balancing and scheduling of Fog/Edge/Mobile-Cloud workflows
  • Fog/Edge/Mobile-Cloud/Context-based process mining


We call for original and unpublished papers no longer than 6 pages (up to 2 additional pages may be purchased subject to approval by the Publication Chair.). All papers will be reviewed with a minimum of 3 good-quality reviews per paper. The manuscripts should be formatted in standard IEEE camera-ready format (double-column, 10-pt font) and be submitted as PDF files (formatted for 8.5x11-inch paper). The submission URL is:

Authors wishing to submit a paper to this workshop must select the track entitled “6th International Workshop on Emerging Computing Paradigms and Context in Business Process Management (CCBPM2021)” in order to be considered.


Accepted papers of the workshop will be included in the Congress proceedings and published in IEEE Xplore.


Workshop paper submission deadline: 20 June 2021
Notification to authors: 5 July 2021
Camera-ready and registration due: 15 July 2021


General Chair
Yun Yang, Swinburne University of Technology

Program Chairs:
Xiaoliang Fan, Xiamen University
Haoyu Luo, South China Normal University

Publicity Chairs:
Lianyong Qi, Qufu Normal University
Lijie Wen, Tsinghua University
Dong Yuan, University of Sydney

Publication Chair:
Xiao Liu, Deakin University

Program Committee
Bing Tang, Hunan University of Science and Technology
Dong Yuan, University of Sydney
Fang Dong, Southeast University
Fei Teng, Southwest Jiaotong University
Haoyu Luo, South China Normal University
James Xi Zheng, Macquarie University
Jidong Ge, Nanjing University
Jin Liu, Wuhan University
Lijie Wen, Tsinghua University
Marielba Zacarias, University of Algarve
Michael Sheng, Macquarie University
Paula Ventura Martins, University of Algarve
Shiping Chen, CSIRO
Xiaoliang Fan, Xiamen University
Xiao Liu, Deakin University
Xuejun Li, Anhui University
Xuyun Zhang, Auckland University
Yain-Whar Si, University of Macau
Yong Zhao, University of Electronic Science and Technology of China
Yun Yang, Swinburne University of Technology


For general questions about this workshop, please contact:

Haoyu Luo, South China Normal University:
Xiaoliang Fan, Xiamen University:
Xiao Liu, Deakin University:

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