IEEE Access 文章正面引用SCHOLAT课程研究案例

         二区 IEEE Access 文章E-Learning: Challenges and Research Opportunities Using Machine Learning & Data Analytics(作者为ABDALLAH MOUBAYED , MOHAMMADNOOR INJADAT, ALI BOU NASSIF, HANAN LUTFIYYA , AND ABDALLAH SHAMI,来自Western University和University of Sharjah等单位),正面引用SCHOLAT学者网课程案例,被引用的为团队发表在CCF推荐会议CSCWD 2016的学术论文Exposing the Hidden to the Eyes: Analysis of SCHOLAT E-Learning Data(作者为Aftab AkramChengzhou FuYong Tang*Yuncheng Jiang and Xueqin Lin等)。 

        引用正文描述:Akram et al. also presented a case study based on the SCHOLAT learning system to try get insights into learners’ behaviours [22]. Analysis showed that students were mostly interested in activities that they thought would improve their grade like submitting their assignments on time. However, other activities like asking questions on the discussion forum were not as important and influential as some students never asked any questions there. The analysis is said to be the basis for more complicated analysis to determine how to get students more involved and encourage them to be more active on the SCHOLAT system. 学者网
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