Call for Papers of “International Conference on Health Big Data and Artificial Intelligence 2020”

Ensuring health for all has become a common goal of all countries around the world, to promote the health big data research and application development, further promote the big data, artificial intelligence, Internet of things, cloud computing, chain blocks, and 5G communications, as a new generation of information technology in the field of health care frontier crossover study, and promote the development of health care informatization and intelligence, the International Conference on Health Big Data and Artificial Intelligence 2020, co-sponsored by Sun Yat-sen University, OHDSI China and Digital Medicine and Medical informatization Branch, Chinese Society of Biomedical Engineering is scheduled to be held in Guangzhou, Guangdong in October 2020. During the meeting, the annual meeting of Guangzhou Health and Medical Big Data Technology Innovation Alliance will be held at the same time.

The conference will invite top experts, scholars and outstanding peers all over the world share their work and research results in the fields of the latest health information technology, health care big data analysis, artificial intelligence, medical terminology and information standards, medical quality and patient safety, precision medicine, data privacy and security, blockchain and other cutting-edge technologies, showcase new models, technologies and products in health care, and promote the advancement of work, talent training and international cooperation and exchange in the field of health care information.

To this end, the organizers of the conference are soliciting papers from health care institutions at all levels, universities, research institutes, health care authorities and HIT companies. We warmly welcome all practitioners, experts and scholars in the field of medical information, health care information construction and management, and industry colleagues to actively participate and contribute!

I.                  Topics of the paper

Big data methods: Health care big data management, research theories, technologies and methods, analysis and utilization of clinical research data;

Medical artificial intelligence and clinical medicine: medical natural language processing, deep learning, knowledge graph, medical knowledge base and intelligent health care, etc.

Precision medicine: Genomics and clinical data integration, omics data mining and integration standardized model, disease knowledge network, bioinformatics and clinical medicine transformation research;

Internet + Medical: hierarchical diagnosis and treatment, remote medicine, medical consortium, medical and nursing combination and health management, etc.

Medical quality and patient safety: applications of medical information technology to improve medical quality and patient safety, and clinical data mining and application.

Information standards and security: Health care information standards, data sharing, exchange and integration, standardized data models and terminology grouping, information security and privacy protection, etc.

Medical virtual/augmented reality research and application: medical dynamic environment modeling and three-dimensional display, medical simulation teaching, clinical research and application of virtual reality, digital virtual human and holographic human, etc.

Other topics related to the meeting.

II.               Notes for submission

Both "Chinese" and "English" papers will be called for at the same time. Colleagues from the industry are welcome to submit original papers related to the conference topics. The submitted papers will be peer-reviewed by the proceedings committee based on quality, relevance, and originality.

The paper shall meet the following requirements:

Clear point of view, strong evidence, fluent text, accurate data. All submissions must be in Microsoft Word document (.docx or.doc) or Latex format.

The English paper requires the submission of the full text, the length of the full text should be 3000~5000 words. The text should be accompanied by a summary of 300 ~ 500 words and 3 ~ 5 key words. The number of references should be controlled and the reference number should be marked in the text. Paper illustrations should have high resolution. The author's name and organization should be marked under the title of the paper, and the author's correspondence address, zip code, E-mail address and telephone number should be indicated in the form of footnotes.

Submission link:

Note: Please tick "English" in the options for English papers and "Chinese papers" in the options for Chinese papers.

(Technical support: Liang, email:; Conference committee: Li, email:

Deadline for submission: August 25, 2020 (24:00 GMT)

Acceptance notification: before September 30, 2020 (24:00 GMT)

III.           Publication information

Excellent English papers evaluated by the committee will be recommended to SCI journal (

BMC Medical Informatics and Decision Making

, IF2.317) for publication.

Excellent Chinese papers will be recommended to Chinese core journals such as

China Digital Medicine


Journal of Medical Informatics


All papers accepted will be included in the proceedings of the Conference.



International Conference on Health Big Data and Artificial Intelligence

Organizing Committee


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