Weigang Wu, PhD, Professor

School of Computer Science and Engineering, Sun Yat-sen University


PhD from Hong Kong Polytechnic University

MSc and BSc from Xi'an Jiaotong University.

[Research Interests]

Cloud and edge computing, Deep learning and federated learning, Blockchain and data management

[Short Bio]

I have been working on distributed computing systems for more than 10 years. My research career started when I entered the master program at the department of computer science and technology, Xi'an Jiaotong University (XJTU), under the supervision of Prof. Xiaoshe Dong. My research topic is about cluster computing system, more precisely the management software of computing clusters. That work is a part of a key project of China "863" Program on high performance server system, under collaboration with Inspur (LangChao), the leading supplier of overall solution to high performance computing and cloud computing in China.
After graduated from XJTU, I joined the department of computing at The Hong Kong Polytechnic University (PolyU), under the supervision of Prof. Jiannong Cao. I worked on fundamental algorithms, especially consensus protocols and distributed mutual exclusion algorithms, under wireless ad hoc environment. Although distributed algorithms have been studied for many years, mobile and wireless networks bring new challenges. The key point of my work lies in message efficiency. I proposed mechanisms to reduce message cost in achieving consensus and mutual exclusion among mobile nodes with wireless links. My thesis "Distributed coordination in mobile wireless environments" is available here at PolyU library.
       I continued to work in Prof. Cao's research group after I got my PhD degree, as a Postdoctoral Fellow, Research Fellow. Besides research on distributed algorithms, I worked mainly two projects on wireless networks: HAWK (2007-2009), and SHAWK (2009-2011). Both the projects are funded by the Innovation and Technology Fund (ITF) of Hong Kong government and the Huawei Technologies, a leading global information and communications technology (ICT) solutions provider. The main objective of the projects is to study and develop practical techniques and mechanisms for realizing secure and seamless communication and mobility in a heterogeneous wireless network composed of cellular networks, WLAN and (mesh) ad hoc networks. Both hardware and software are designed and implemented. My research in that period focused on data caching and mobility management in wireless ad hoc networks.
       I joined the Department of Computer Science of Sun Yat-sen University (SYSU) at Guangzhou, China, in 2008, as a lecturer, and was promoted to associated professor, full professor, in Jun. 2010 and Jan. 2016, respectively.
       My research work at SYSU focuses on three directions. The first one is cloud and edge computing, especially cloud resource allocation and  vehicular edge computing; the second one is distributed/federated machine learning for data mining; and the third one is distributed consensus and blockchain.  Our research work has been supported by various grants, including NSFC, GDSF, etc.

[Representative Papers] [Full Paper List]

8. Danyang Xiao, Yuan Mei, Di Kuang, Mengqiang Chen, Binbing Guo, Weigang Wu*, EGC: Entropy-based gradient compression for distributed deep learning, Information Sciences, 548, pp.118–134, Feb. 2021.

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6. Jialang Cheng, Weigang Wu*, Jiannong Cao, Keqin Li, "Fuzzy Group based Intersection Control via Vehicular Networks for Smart Transportations", IEEE Transactions on Industrial Informatics, (TII), 13(2), pp.751-758, Apr. 2017. 

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2. Weigang Wu, Jiannong Cao, Michel Raynal, Eventual Clusterer: a Modular Approach to Designing Hierarchical Consensus Protocols in MANETs, IEEE Transactions on Parallel and Distributed Systems (TPDS), 20(6), June 2009, pp. 753-765.

1. Weigang Wu, Jiannong Cao, Jin Yang, Michel Raynal, Design and Performance Evaluation of Efficient Consensus Protocols for Mobile Ad Hoc Networks, IEEE Transactions on Computers (TC), 56(8), pp. 1055-1070, Aug. 2007.

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