We invite the submission of high-quality manuscripts on advances in the state-of-the-art of wireless communications. Both theoretical contributions (including new techniques, concepts, and analyses) and practical contributions (including system experiments and prototypes, and new applications) are encouraged.

The general scope of the journal includes, but is not limited to:

Broadband wireless communications

Modulation and coding

Detection and estimation

Diversity techniques and equalization

Propagation and channel characterization

Fading countermeasures

Multiuser detection

Signal separation and interference rejection

Multimedia communications over wireless

DSP applications to wireless systems

Network architectures and protocols

Adaptive antennas for wireless systems

Multiple access techniques

Space-time processing

Synchronization techniques

Location estimation

Software radio


Resource allocation and interference management

Multirate and multicarrier communications

Security, privacy, and authentication

Experimental and prototype results

Systems and services (e.g., Mobile satellites, WLANs)

Wireless sensor networks

Cross-layer design and optimization

Ad hoc wireless networks

In addition, papers on specific topics or on more non-traditional topics related to specific application areas, are encouraged. Examples include OFDM, MIMO systems, Cooperative networks, Cognitive radio, and Ultra-wideband communications.

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