The CoNEXT 2018 conference seeks papers presenting significant and novel research results on emerging computer networks and its applications. We especially encourage submissions that present novel experimentation, creative use of networking technologies, and new insights made possible using analysis. We invite submissions on a wide range of topics which include but are not limited to:

Big data platforms with applications to network management, security, measurements

Content distribution and caching, e.g., CDN, peer-to-peer, overlays, wide-area

Design, analysis, and evaluation of network architectures

Experience papers providing detailed technical insights into real-world deployments of novel networking technologies and systems

Internet measurement and modeling

Innovative uses of network data beyond communication

Networking aspects of data-centers and cloud computing

Networking aspects of operating systems and virtualization architectures

Network control and management, including SDN, NFV and network programmability

Architectures, designs, analysis, measurements of programmable data planes and in-network computing

Network, transport, and application-layer protocols

Networking aspects of ubiquitous computing, including Internet-of-Things, smart homes, and smart cities

Networking aspects of online social networks

Network economics

Network verification and validation

Novel applications of machine learning to networking

Reliability and availability of networks, protocols, and applications

Routing and traffic engineering

Security and privacy aspects of networks, protocols, and applications

Self-organizing/driving, autonomous, and federated network systems

Topics at the intersection of energy-efficient computing and networking

Wireless and cellular networks

We are open to other contributions that stretch networking research outside of these topics, present new emerging computing trends, or potentially involve unfamiliar techniques. We ask authors to bear in mind that the main factor of interest for their work will be the implications of their results in networking. Potential authors who are unsure of the scope are encouraged to contact the PC chairs before submission.

In addition to the main conference, CoNEXT 2018 will have a series of co-located workshops, poster and demo sessions, a travel grant program, and conference best paper awards.


CoNEXT welcomes submission of both long and short papers (2-column, 10pt ACM format). Long papers are the more traditional and complete form to present technical work, and should be no more than 12 pages (and up to 2 additional pages for references). Short papers are the preferred vehicle for contributions whose novelty and impact show the same technical excellence, and whose description fits within 6 pages (with 1 additional page for references). Short papers will be reviewed with a more open mind towards the scope of evaluation or breadth of topics compared to long papers. Note that position papers, critiques of networking research, and ideas that are not yet fully complete or evaluated are a better fit for the HotNets workshop. We recommend that authors check both CFPs before submitting.

Ethical concerns

Like SIGCOMM, CoNEXT accords great importance to research ethics. Specifically, authors must attest that their work complies with all applicable ethical standards of their home institution(s), including, but not limited to privacy policies and policies on experiments involving humans. Submitting research for approval by one’s institution’s ethics review body is necessary, but not sufficient. The PC will have its own discussion of the ethics of that work whenever it has concerns about the ethics of a submission. Authors agree to be available at any time during the review process to rapidly respond to queries from the PC chairs regarding ethical standards.

Contact us

If you have any questions please email the TPC co-chairs: conext18-tpc@ics.forth.gr

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