CFP: IET Smart Cities Special Issue
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IET Smart Cities Special Issue on:


IoT Sensing, Applications, & Technologies for Smart Sustainable Cities


Submission Deadline:

1 December 2020

Guest Editors:

Dr Gerhard Hancke (lead), Dr Jie Hu (lead), Dr Mohammad Reza Salehizadeh, Dr Xuan Liu, Dr Adnan Abu-Mahfouz, Dr Nikolaos Thomos and Prof. Susumu Ishihara


Sensing applications and IoT are indispensable for the construction of smart cities and provision of improved public services. Sensors act as the nerves of a smart city, enabling the collection of information that provides for intelligent decisions to be made, both in terms of future planning and immediate actuation. Internet of Things technologies provide the platform for implementing sensing applications, covering everything from embedded software and connectivity for edge nodes to data ingestion and analytics.


In this Special Issue, we focus on sensing and related IoT technology, used in smart cities to provide services in these major application areas: intelligent transport, smart buildings, utilities, environment, and health. Underlying technical contributions can focus on any aspect of the IoT sensing architecture but benefits should be clearly linked to relevant smart city applications. IoT topics of interest, include embedded OS, sensor interoperability and interfacing, local sensor node networks, wide area networks (e.g. LORA/5G), middleware for data handling and node management, green sensing and wireless networks, and data analytics. Contributions of a system and applied research nature are preferred to largely theoretical work.


Specific topics include, but are not limited to:


Energy-efficient wireless sensor networks architecture

Energy-efficient data routing, processing and storage strategies

Energy-efficient harvesting/charging

Energy-efficient sensing techniques

Energy-efficient sensor data techniques

Long-life sensor node deployment and topology control

AI-based coordinating sensor devices

AI-based scheduling sensor algorithms

AI-based sensor resource orchestration

Secured sensor communications and network

Testbed for massive IoT sensing

AI and 5G based massive IoT technologies

UAV aided IoT technologies

Sensing and Applications

Sensing for urban intelligent transport

Sensing for urban homes and offices

Sensing for localised urban utilities

Sensing for urban environments

Sensing for city residents' public health and wellbeing


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