The IEEE International Symposium on Field-Programmable Custom Computing Machines (FCCM) is the original and premier forum for presenting and discussing new research related to computing that exploits the unique features and capabilities of FPGAs and other reconfigurable hardware. Submissions are solicited on the following topics related to Field Programmable Custom Computing Machines (FCCMs) including, but not limited to:


Novel reconfigurable architectures, including overlay architectures

Architectures for high performance and/or low power computing

Security assessment and enhancements for reconfigurable computing

Specialized memory systems including volatile, non-volatile, and hybrid memory subsystems

Emerging technologies with in-field reconfiguration abilities

Clusters, data centers, or large systems of reconfigurable devices

Heterogeneous programmable architectures

Abstractions, Programming Models, and Tools

Abstractions, programming models, interfaces, and runtimes, including virtualization

New languages and design frameworks for spatial or heterogeneous applications

High-level synthesis and designer productivity in general

Software-Defined-systems (e.g. radio, networks, frameworks for new domains)

Customizable soft processors systems


Run-time management of reconfigurable hardware

System resilience/fault tolerance for reconfigurable hardware

Evolvable, adaptable, or autonomous reconfigurable computing systems

Security assessment and enhancement of run-time reconfiguration


Data center or cluster with reconfigurable applications

New uses of run-time reconfiguration in applications-specific systems

Applications that utilize reconfigurable technology for performance and efficiency, and particularly submissions that make comparisons with other highly parallel architectures such as GPUs or DSPs

Novel use of state-of-the-art commercial FPGAs

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