Software Engineering Methodologies

Agent-based software engineering

Artificial intelligence approaches to software engineering

Component-based software engineering

Embedded and ubiquitous software engineering

Aspect-based software engineering

Empirical software engineering

Search-Based Software engineering

Automated software design and synthesis

Automated software specification

Computer-supported cooperative work

Automated software specification

Automated software design and synthesis

Reverse engineering

Software Engineering Techniques and Production Perspectives

Requirements engineering

Software analysis, design and modeling

Software maintenance and evolution

Software engineering tools and environments

Software engineering decision support

Software design patterns

Software product lines

Process and workflow management

Reflection and metadata approaches

Program understanding and system maintenance

Software domain modeling and analysis

Software economics

Multimedia and hypermedia software engineering

Software engineering case study and experience reports

Enterprise software, middleware, and tools

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligent methods, models, techniques

Artificial life and societies

Swarm intelligence

Smart Spaces

Autonomic computing and agent-based systems

Autonomic computing

Adaptive Systems

Agent architectures, ontologies, languages and protocols

Multi-agent systems

Agent-based learning and knowledge discovery

Interface agents

Agent-based auctions and marketplaces

Secure mobile and multi-agent systems

Mobile agents

SOA and Service-Oriented Systems

Service-centric software engineering

Service oriented requirements engineering

Service oriented architectures

Middleware for service based systems

Service discovery and composition

Service level agreements

(drafting, negotiation, monitoring and management)

Runtime service management

Semantic web

Data modeling, mining and data analytics

Data modeling, aggregation, integration, and transformation

Web and text mining

Data mining methods, techniques, and tools

Data analytics modeling and algorithms

Patterns and frameworks

Data visualization

Knowledge systems and engineering

Knowledge acquisition

Knowledge-based and expert systems

Knowledge representation and retrievals

Knowledge engineering tools and techniques

Time and knowledge management tools

Knowledge modeling, integration, transformation, and management,

Uncertainty knowledge management

Knowledge visualization

Mobile computing and mobile system engineering

Mobile App design and development

Innovative mobile applications

Pervasive computing

Mobile system validation and test automation

Software & System Quality of Service

Soft computing

Software and system testing methods

Quality assurance process, standards, and systems

Software safety systems

Software test automation and tools

Software dependability, reliability, scalability

Software & System Security

Software and system security and privacy

Mobile app security and privacy

Encryption methods and tools

Security service systems

Cloud, sensor cloud and mobile cloud security

Mobile system integrity, security, and fault tolerance

Emergent Topics

Cloud computing and Innovative cloud-based application systems

Mobile cloud computing and application services

Big data analytics application systems

Innovative sensing cloud and systems

Large-scale cyber systems

IOT and smart city application systems

Big data quality validation

Big data application quality services

Smart learning and innovative education systems

Learning software design engineering

Smart learning methods and environments

Online learning systems

Mobile enabled learning systems and tools

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