5 Postdoctoral Fellowships at RISE, Southwest University, Chongqing, China
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5 Postdoctoral Fellowships

RISE - Centre for Research and Innovation in Software Engineering

Southwest University, Chongqing, China


The Centre for Research and Innovation in Software Engineering (RISE) is

proud to invite applications for three full-time postdoctoral fellowships

tenable now. RISE was founded in December 2016 with a mission to advance

research in theories and methods of software engineering and innovation

of their applications in the development of software systems in emerging

networked human, cyber and physical systems (CPS). The theme of research and

innovation is the combination of traditional structured models and methods

of software engineering with those of learning based techniques to support

the modelling, design, verification, synthesis and evolution of these systems.

The School of Computer and Information Science and RISE at Southwest

University pursue academic excellence and are committed to strengthening the

research through the development of a hierarchical research team with researchers

of different levels and research students. For this, recruiting a critical

mass of postdoctoral research fellows is an essential part of the strategic plan.

Research areas

Research areas include but not limited to

• Formal methods in software system development- modelling, design and

verification (including tool development);

• Formal models and verification of robotic systems;

• Model-driven design, synthesise and evolution of cyber-physical systems

(CPS), service-based systems (especially microservices architecture);

• Security of distributed network systems and blockchains technology

• Interdisciplinary applications in areas of, for examples, IoT, smart

cities, medical and health care, smart manufacture, etc.


• You are about to receive your PhD degree or you have obtained your PhD

in computing or a related discipline within the past three years.

• You can communicate both verbally and in writing in English with


• You have a strong theoretical background in computer science or

software engineering, and record that shows you can conduct independent

research, and have a good potential to become a good computer scientist.

• You are able and willing to cooperate with other colleagues and work

with research students.

Salary and Benefits

Successful applicants will be a postdoctoral fellow of the Postdoctoral

Station of the Southwest University.

• Monthly salary is 20000 – 30000 CNY (about 2900 – 4300 USD) before


• The fellowship is for three years, and a bonus of 712000 CNY (103188

USD), 312000 CNY (45217 USD) or 12000 CNY (1739 USD) according to your

performance (indicated by the number and venue of publications,

research grants applications).

• After successfully completing the fellowship, the postdoctoral fellow

is entitled to apply for a faculty position at the levels of professor,

associate professor or lecturer according to the performance during

the fellowship.

• The university will purchase healthcare insurance to its postdoctoral


• The university will provide accommodation designated to postdoctoral

fellows with special rental or an accommodation allowance.

• Children of a full-time postdoctoral fellow according to the policies

are entitled to go to the university kindergarten and schools (all

levels before university).

Application Process: your application should include

• Your CV which includes three names and email addresses from which we

can obtain letters of references for your application.

• Copies of up to three publications.

• Copies of degree certificates, and proofs of research grants which you


• The application should be sent to Dr Bo Liu by email liubocq@swu.edu.cn

• For informal inquiries, please contact Professor Zhiming Liu by email

at zhimingliu88@swu.edu.cn.

• The positions are open until they are filled.

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