CFP: IEEE Consumer Electronics Magazine Special Issue on Advances in Smart Cities
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IEEE Consumer Electronics Magazine

Special Issue on Advances in Smart Cities

Guest Editors:  

         Chai K Toh, NTHU/GLG USA

         Dejan Milojicic, HP USA

         Irena Bojanova, NIST USA

         William Webb, Webb Search, UK

         XS Hua, ALIBABA CHINA


Consumers work and live in cities around the world. Current cities will gradually be transformed into smart cities with the advancement in AI, data analytics, 5G, IoT, and other new technologies. Smart cities will bring changes to transport, health, living and the environment (green and sustainability), significantly improving the quality of lives of millions of residents. The other aspect of smart cities concerns sustainability and staying green (i.e., lower carbon footprint). Smart cities are expected to last for centuries while consuming resources more efficiently. In this special issue, we will report on smart cities plans, roadmaps, developments, innovations and applications done in the USA (by various cities from different states), progress in smart cities related standards, and also international efforts and field trials done to date. We also welcome detailed comparisons among different smart cities. For this special issue, we seek tutorial-style and review-type papers, along with papers describing design, architectures, accomplished projects and lessons learnt. The topics covered by this special issue will include the following: (a) Smart Transport (b) Smart Living (c) Smart Health (d) Smart Environment (e) Smart Energy (f) Security and safety for Smart Cities (g) System Architectures for Smart Cities (h) Applications for Smart Cities


Deadline JULY 2020; Outcome September 2020; Publish 4th Quarter 2020

Author Guidelines:

Submissions should follow IEEE standard template and should consist of the followings: (i) A manuscript of maximum 6-page length: A pdf of the complete manuscript layout with figures, tables placed within the text, and (ii) Source files: Text should be provided separately from photos and graphics and may be in Word or LaTeX format. High resolution original photos and graphics are required for the final submission. Images embedded in Word or Excel documents are not suitable; however, figures and graphics may be provided in a PowerPoint slide deck, with one figure/graphic per slide.  Web URL for the submission of the manuscripts to IEEE-CEM is the following: Please select the “Special issue on Advances in Smart Cities” option. IEEE Article templates are available at: Submission enquiries can be sent to:

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