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Dr Tianyu Zhang is the director of the Tuberculosis Research Laboratory of the State Key Laboratory of Respiratory Disease (SKLRD) and the leader of the Pathogenic Bacteria Research Laboratory. At the same time, Dr Zhang is also a professor and doctoral supervisor of University of Chinese Academy of Sciences (UCAS), the University of Science Technology of China (USTC) and the Anhui University. His team has been focusing on mycobacterial diseases, including the leading infectious disease tuberculosis (TB) , especially anti-TB drug discovery and development, mechanisms of action of drugs and new compounds, novel diagnosis for the past 13 years. To date, his team has achieved fruitful results in screening, evaluating models and evaluating the efficacy of anti-TB drugs/regimens, some of which are at an advanced level of development. One drug candidate codeveloped by his team has transferred to a pharmaceutical company and the recent results have shown it is very promising not only for treating TB.Most importantly, his team has achieved breakthrough discoveries in the areas of TB diagnosis and the resulting novel drug sensitivity testing. Not only has his team carried out genetic manipulation of Mycobacterium tuberculosis (M. tuberculosis) with significant results but they have also studied the mechanism(s) of resistance involved in a number of anti-TB drugs. Additionally, their research on the development of TB therapeutic vaccine has achieved promising initial results.
       Current research of Dr Zhang’s lab is mainly focusing on the research and development antimycobacterial drugs, studying the mechanism(s) of action and resistance of various anti-TB drugs and the new drug active compounds and development of a novel diagnostic tool invented by his lab. In addition, his research is also involved in the postgenomics of mycobacteria, immunology and development of vaccine(s) against TB as well as drugs against other pathogenic bacteria (such as Helicobacter pylori, Klebsiella pneumoniae, etc) and their mechanisms of action.
       Dr Zhang’s lab is currently in partnership with several international institutes such as the Commonwealth of Australia Organization for Scientific and Industrial Research, Johns Hopkins University and New York University, etc. It is therefore not surprising that every year his lab attract students from all over the world. To date, two international doctoral students (Julius Ndirangu Mugweru and Njire Moses Mucugi) and six native masters have graduated from his lab. Dr Zhang is currently supervising one international postdoctoral fellow (Goverdhan Surineni), five international PhD students (Gaëlle Murielle Makafe Guiewi, Hafiz Muhammad Adnan Hameed, Chiranjibi Chhotaray, Md Mahmudul Islam and Chiwala Gift),two native doctoral students, two international master students (Sanjeep Apkota and Zafran Khan) as well as nine native master students.

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